Neutral Urinal by Nicholas Starkey

I seen a woman

pissing in a urinal.

I didn’t look to see if she

had a penis, small or large.

I hope she did, because if you have a penis, but

you are not a man, you should still

be allowed to use a urinal too.


If she had a vagina, she

should be allowed to use a urinal too.

Because women should be allowed to,

and are able to do anything a man can do.

It might be hard though,

to use a urinal if you have

a vagina. Not impossible though.


I think I might’ve seen it

being done. Maybe not.

I hope so.

Nicholas Starkey studies English and Law at Strathclyde University and enjoys reading and writing poetry. He occasionally writes short stories. He was published in issue three of Quotidian Magazine. Nicholas also writes songs and performs at open-mic nights and gigs.

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