A Beautiful, Early Morning Conversation Between Songbirds by Stephen Prather

“Wanna fuck?”


“What’s up?!”

“Not much!”

“Wanna fuck?”

“Hey out there!”

“Who wants to do it?”

“I’m good!”

“Had a good one last night!”

“Don’t mean you can’t have anathah!”

“Oh behave!”

“Hey guys!”

“That Allen?”

“No it’s Steve!”

“Slept in today, eh Steve?”

“Ha, no worms for you today, Steve!”

“Yeah fuck you Steve!”

“Anybody fancy a shag?!”

Stephen Prather has been published in 34th Parallel and A Gathering of the Tribes. He lives in north Dallas with his new dog, Arch. His girlfriend calls him Red Beard, but he keep trying to tell her that’s pretty common. You can follow him on twitter.


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