Piano Lessons by Louis Gallo

Parents ever tell you: “It may seem like hell now but you’ll be thankful later, believe us”?

And of course, now that it is later, you’re thankful, sure, you can play all those etudes, mazurkas

and polonaises by Chopin and Bach’s fierce toccata. Your friend, Kayla, can’t.

You, unlike Kayla, have a skill, a talent, a resume boost.

Poor Kayla, while you were practicing chaotic arpeggios, she was out getting trashed for Mardi Gras.

Poor, Kayla, no F-sharp minors, no key signatures, no chromatic scales, no Chopin, no Bach.

And what does she have to show for all that jazz save the b

Louis Gallo’s poetry has been published in Crash and Clearing the Attic.  His collection Archaeology, has been published by Kelsay Books who will publish a fourth volume, Scherzo Furiant.  His work has appeared in Southern Literary Review, Fiction Fix, Glimmer Train,  Litro, and many others.  He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize several times.  He teaches at Radford University in Virginia.


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