The Fiction Pool is a UK-based online literary magazine.

Dip your toe into the pool with a poem or flash, or swim a length with a short story.


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  1. Hello. Are you guys UK based?


  2. Hello. Are you guys UK based?


  3. Im aways an enthusiast of the literature.This magazine is a good chance to writers receive coments of success and fame,with their stories and rise their careers.
    Im a writer and love the stories of my hometown and family.I base my writing and life in those things.Fiction Pool must be encouraged to keep publishing emergent and established writers,principally flash fiction,that I apreciate too much.


  4. So glad to have tumbled into the fiction pool.


  5. There’s some fab stories and poems on here. It’s always fab to dip into.


  6. Evening. My name is Adam Steele and I would like to branch out my works to other contributing platforms. I just like a question asked if I may. What specific works are you interested in reading before I tackle a story to submit to you?


  7. Thanks for your question Adam.

    We appreciate fiction which is different in some way. This could be because of an unusual voice or a challenging style. It could be a science fiction story set in the everyday world with a bold female character or a male character writing an online dating ad which is unusually and hilariously honest.

    When we don’t have any unusual stories or characters we fall back on picking solid stories with fine polished writing.

    Hope this helps.



  8. Truly enjoyed reading Underground


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